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A: Mostly virtual events for startups, scaleups and corporations. The startup events we do are open to the public where you can buy tickets and the corporate events are privately held for their own internal staff.

A: – The “Pre-Seed 101” and “Seed 101” workshops are $100-400 with the “Startup Bootkamps” being $6,000 for 12 weeks and the private programming for internal staff starts at $4K/mo for 2 custom events each month.

A: There are no refunds but you can gift your seats to someone else with more than a 24 hour heads up for the startup events. For cancellations for our corporate virtual event programming, you can cancel at any time with no penalty.

A: Before covid, all of our events were in person. But now we will likely do only a handful of in person events per year and most of the events will be virtual. Don’t worry, we will make it impactful!

A: We understand you can do these events yourself, but we also understand it’s a lot of work. From organizing, planning, inviting speakers, hosting to executing…it’s a hard tedious job. We make this process quite seamless and let you get back to money making responsibilities. Let us do the heavy lifting, you just do the fun part and show up!

Email us at Info@KampEvents.com

A: Go to the “Corporate” page and click “Book A Demo” in the middle of the page.

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