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A: The best IRL startup workshops around the country for early stage founders. Sometimes we will do some virtual events as well. Lastly, we just recently started giving the ability for organizations (startup focused, corporate folks, scale-ups) to book experiences for their own members/network to enjoy. Essentially, we would create this awesome startup / business focused custom experience for any organization.

A: Our startup events that are open to the public are usually $150-300 for a whole day experience. If you wanted to book this experience for your organization, you can find out more info or book a discussion about this here (cost varies greatly on details of the event).

The most popular event we do is called “Day Kamp” for startups and it’s an all day IRL event with panels, presentations, live pitching investors and a happy hour. Typically, it starts at 9am and goes until 6pm for the main event, followed by a happy hour 6-8pm and a private VIP dinner 8-9pm for VIP ticket holders. 

Again, we do other events but that is the one we execute 90% that is public facing and available for ticket purchase.

A: There are no refunds for our paid startup events. However, you can gift your seat to another person with 48 hours heads up by emailing and starting which event while CC’ing the recipient. For bookings, you cannot cancel planned events but can move your target event date with 60 days notice prior to your planned event.

A: You can, but do you want to? We do everything from planning, inviting speakers, organizing, negotiating with venues, hosting and executing the event. All of this takes a lot of time/work and we do it best given our background. Why do people go out to eat if people can cook a meal at home? Because sometimes it’s better to have professionals handle the experience. Lastly, we have a vast network of amazing speakers and/or can grab new speakers to add to the event by leveraging our past credibility.

A: Email us, don’t be shy.

A: Please book a time with our founder Phil here to discuss your needs.

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