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3Genii has introduced a new product called Slicky. Slicky is a revolutionary platform that allows you to build your own digital Minimum Viable Product (MVP) using our libraries and themes. Why pay a developer to re-create the same functions over and over? Use Slicky to add as many functions as you see fit such as Login, Payment, Shipping, and many more… Of course, not every function is available, so just pay a low fee to add your own and have your own custom MVP.

Slicky was built on the fact that 95% of digital web or App-based products use a set of functions that are always similar and necessary in the development of a product. With this understanding, Slicky was designed to allow you to create your MVP using those build in common libraries. In short, you do not need to spend a fortune on a software developer: Our predefined price on Libraries allows you to budget your product accordingly. It is truly a win-win for Startups and firms that are smart about their budget. Adopt Slicky, Try it Free, Cancel Any time.