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20 years ago, Geneca was born as a technology consulting firm, fueled by the conviction that technology investments are judged by the business benefit it delivers. Which means, since the day we opened our doors, we have been pushing ourselves to not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations.

Our philosophy is that by aligning with our client’s goals, ideas, and delivering transparency throughout a project, we will accurately capture the essence of your product and bring it to life.

Due to our longevity within the software industry, we have established a secure foundation that has allowed us to be innovative thinkers and experts in our field. We bring a type of simplicity when developing a product due to our team being able to communicate effectively on both technology and business level. By speaking fluently within both areas, we are able to connect the two concepts ensuring that our clients are receiving a product that will work while advancing their business.

Throughout this process, we are not just building a product we are also building a partnership. By collaborating with our clients, we work toward one goal of building a successful software product not just billing hours. Due to this, we have a 92% success rate (on-time and on-budget) on the projects we deliver.

Our Mission To help our clients stay ahead of their competition by pushing the boundaries of what is possible with advanced strategy and cutting-edge technology.

Our Vision Use software to create something extraordinary from something ordinary. To do that, we have to be MORE than a technology company. We have to be THE place to go to turn a big idea into big business impact.