Incubate IP

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Startups are Incubate IP’s sole focus. We provide top-quality intellectual property services at rates that startups can afford. No bait-and switch; no hidden fees; no strings attached.

Emerging companies face completely different challenges than mid-cap or large corporations. Traditional law firms simply aren’t equipped to help with these challenges; they’re focused on their Fortune 500 clients. Rather than being “the little guy”‚Äč among a big firm’s long list of huge corporate clients, startups are the core of Incubate IP’s client list.

Our attorneys have worked for the big firms for years, but were frustrated with the inflexible rules for servicing clients with great ideas. Incubate IP solves that problem by offering innovative pricing models and flexible payment terms so that your great idea can hatch into a fledgling company and–just maybe–the next viral venture.