Dr. Allison Silveus | CEO & Co-Founder @ Unbent | Day Kamp Dallas Speaker

Dr. Allison Silveus

CEO & Co-Founder at Unbent
Dr. Allison Silveus is the CEO and co-founder of Unbent. She has a bachelor’s in Biology (UT Arlington), a master’s in Forensic Genetics (UNT Health Science Center), and a doctorate in Higher Education Leadership from Texas Christian University. She started working in genetics in 2007, later refocusing her efforts on teaching at the college and supporting STEM initiatives. She went back for a doctorate in 2016 as a non-traditional student with two small children.
Her Unbent work began in 2017 when she took an evolutionary social psychology course, and she later intersected this work with some virtual reality research she was doing. Unbent is a start to finish hiring solution that incorporates social psychology, VR, and AI to assess both bias and skill in a simulated environment.