Bernardo De La Vega

Chapter Leader at Day Kamp Miami

After building and selling TWO 8-figure e-commerce companies, I believe there are the 3 main pillars to successful DTC brands; Community, Product, Distribution.

Community – Imagine finding a large group of people that all have the same pain point, who constantly talk to each other and are looking for some sort of solution. What if you could tap into these existing communities in order to build a truly amazing brand

Product – A great product needs very little marketing, a great product makes your ideal customer turn into your biggest brand ambassador because they love the product.

Distribution – In the early stages of building an e-commerce business, Brands who really understand one distribution channel always do better than brands doing an ok job at 5 distribution channels. Whether your preferred method is DTC (your own website), Amazon & other marketplaces, Wholesale or retail, mastering one channel allows brands to get real momentum, word of mouth, economies of scale, and real organic sales.

The opportunity to build amazing DTC Brands has never been more exciting.

Consumers want a great product, They want to feel part of a community that allows them to connect with those like them and They want brands who are constantly iterating to create a truly amazing customer experience.