Christopher R. Dube | Day Kamp Boston

Christopher Dube

Christopher Dube’s clear + present focus is building & populating the world’s first Global Startup Oasis as part of the Prepare 4 VC leadership team.

The day ‘We’ decide to start building things that don’t exist to solve problems that do, neither blueprints or instructions come with the decision.

We are told one thing as we begin:

“Entrepreneurship is extremely hard & failure is much more common than success…so good luck.”

Prepare 4 VC is dedicated to shifting this long-standing narrative by building a dynamic, inclusive & diverse Global Startup Oasis for early-stage ventures to achieve purposeful prosperity.

‘The Oasis’ is a living, breathing ecosystem – a circular economy of value created by serial entrepreneurs, investors + venture capital experts to help early-stage ventures navigate the most difficult period of their startup lifecycle… the beginning.

We’re driven by a singular vision:

Build A Startup Oasis Of Purposeful Prosperity…
A place of refuge + accelerated growth for startups navigating an unrelenting journey demanding integral resources & diverse relationships capable of creating significant global connectivity & finely curated pathways to people, places & things of real value.

The Oasis is the sum of all its parts, including:

* A Virtual Accelerator Program
* A Multitude of Live Global Conferences
* A Global Startup Podcast
* A Vibrant Clubhouse Community
* Live Networking, Demo & Pitch Events
* Access to Global Experts, Content + Tools for Personal Wellness & Health
* Access to Global Experts, Content + Business Tools for Professional Skill Development
* Communication Pathways Directly to:
+ Global Investors
+ Advisors
+ Coaches
+ Mentors
+ Trusted Product Providers
+ Trusted Service Providers
+ Founding Peers from all corners of the globe

The Oasis is free to join & growing quickly – we look forward to the day you find your way here to scale your startup story.

Expect Great Things…