David Evans

Managing Partner at Sentiero Ventures

David Evans is a serial entrepreneur and technologist who started coding at 14, launched my first business at 19, and made by first angel investment before age 30. Including my companies, my portfolio, and my clients I have been involved in multiple exits as a founder, investor, advisor, and team member.

In this broad-ranging experience as an entrepreneur, investor, and consultant, I have worked in Group Travel, Telemarketing, Digital Out of Home Advertising, Light Manufacturing, Digital Marketing, Occupational Therapy, e-Commerce, Retail, Non-Profit, Ticketing, Sports & Entertainment, Public Agencies, Alternative Asset Management, Consumer Services, and Professional Services and bring domain-specific knowledge to these industries.

I am looking to engage with people that want to leverage technology to make money, save money, or improve customer experiences. As a consultant, this means middle-market companies looking to add strategic value to their technology investments. As an investor and advisor, it’s usually early-stage, AI-enabled SaaS companies.

Additionally, I have a passion for helping build sustainable social impact businesses that serve our communities with less reliance on philanthropic funding.