Eric Samdahl

Investor at GHSD Group

As an international speaker, I help companies accelerate growth in business by using their gut in business.

A moderator on the longest-running Clubhouse room – How to run a $1M business, come check it out.

As a fractional CEO/COO for multiple companies in various industries I’ve been involved in M&A deals with companies from $200,000 to over $12M. The one thing that I have learned is that in any deal of any size, for it to be successful, the mindset needs to be a paramount focus.

20 minutes to $200k – ask me about how this COO impacted the bottom line.

With the uncertainty of the business landscape, I’ve found that having a sound yet flexible strategy around growth is so important. One way to achieve that has been strategic partnerships.

I love to dig into customer journey problems and solve them with modern thinking and technology. I create, scale, and optimize business for the customer journey, and to accomplish this, I focus on delivering key outcomes, building amazing teams, and quickly adapting to new learnings.

I have held positions throughout my career with responsibilities as a CEO, COO and Sales, Operations, Purchasing / Supply Chain, Marketing, Logistics, Finance, and Human Resources. My personal and professional experiences have taught me the following about myself:

I can successfully grow businesses.
– I put the customer at the center of all that I do.
– I excel at the execution of big ideas with given constraints
– My gut instinct is really sharp but I seek data to verify quickly

I can align, lead, and grow amazing teams from 6 to 100 people.
– I love to win, but helping the team win gives me greater joy
– The buck always stops with me

I educate, refine and drive myself to be a better person
– I am constantly learning because I never settle
– I stay calm when faced with adversity
– I focus on making high-quality decisions

I enjoy meeting new people and hearing new perspectives. Reach out if you want to talk to me about the customer journey, leadership, playing the long game or kitties (yes I said kitties)

Professional Skills
Leadership | Operations | Logistics | Team Development |Supply Chain Management | Strategic Planning | Vendor Management | Marketing | Ecommerce Strategy | Business Development |