Felix Ruano | CEO & Co-Founder @ Subject

Felix Ruano

CEO & Co-Founder at Subject

The son of Mexican immigrants, Felix Ruano went from L.A. public schools to Harvard and McKinsey before the pandemic. With millions of students stuck at home, he saw a chance to create a streaming service with high-quality education on demand.

In the summer of 2021, he flew instructors to L.A. to film over 20 accredited high school classes, including 10 AP courses. He partners with high schools with teacher shortages or sparse AP offerings and offers subscriptions to individuals for $10 a month.

His startup, Emile Learning, breaks lessons into bingeable segments that run under 10 minutes, tailored to today’s attention span. He’s signed up dozens of school districts, reaching over 70,000 students. “We’re building the Netflix of high school education,” he says. “A student anywhere in the world should be able to access any course, anytime, anywhere.”

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