Jeff Ransdell

VC at Fuel Venture Capital

I’m a serial entrepreneur, former Wallstreet warrior, angel investor, and venture capitalist building a portfolio of exponential technology companies through Fuel Venture Capital firm, which I co-founded in 2017 following my departure from the world of private wealth management. I pride myself on taking an approach to venture capital investment that can be best described as “founder focused, investor-driven,” given my experience for two decades, and eventually as a top executive of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. I believe in mentoring our founders to equip them with the tools necessary to survive and thrive in the competitive creative economy, and serving Fuel’s global LPs as a fiduciary.

As Managing Director and Market Executive of the financial powerhouse, Merrill Lynch, I was responsible for more than $130 billion of global private client investment assets, a P&L of $1.5 billion, and over 2,000 employees across the bank’s Southeast Wealth Management Division which included the state of Florida, the state of Alabama, the Southeast of the state of Georgia, all of Latin American and the Caribbean. My transition to venture capital was motivated by what I saw as mounting evidence that opportunities to shape the economy and capitalize on innovation were steadily shifting from the public markets to the private markets.

In the face of much skepticism, I chose Miami as the home base for Fuel Venture Capital, long before it was in vogue to do so, armed with an unparalleled Rolodex, and emboldened to leverage the city’s untapped resources and advantages. Today, Fuel Venture Capital Partners manages a $185MM multi-focused fund of 25 global startups, including the soonicorn Soundtrack Your Brand, unicorn Terran Orbital/PredaSAR, soonicorn Ubicquia, Bolt Mobility, and more as well as a $100MM Fintech Growth Bundle focused on 5 leading global fintech companies including the unicorn Tradeshift, The unicorn Lunar Bank, The soonicorn Curve Card, Regargapay, and Taxfyle with my partners IDC Ventures, one of Europe’s leading VC firms.

Being crossed trained in both the public markets and private markets my team and I launched Maquia acquisition Corp, a special purpose acquisition company in 2021 where I sit as CEO.

(Jeff Ransdell has been licensed with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority covering all asset classes and supervision and control of financial securities broker-dealers. He continues to be used as an expert witness in many FINRA and SEC-related securities arbitrations.)

Jeff Ransdell will be joining our investor panel on December 18th at the Lab Miami for Day Kamp Miami.

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