Jeremy Berger

Co-Founder at Arival Bank

“One of the top ex-pats under 30 in Asia” (Forbes)

“One of Asia’s banking & fintech superstars” (Fintech News)

“One of the world’s youngest digital bankers” (FinTech Ranking)

When Jeremy Berger was a 22-year-old college graduate, I took a blind leap of faith and moved to Singapore to find my dream job somewhere at the intersection of the venture capital & startup world.

Fast-forwarding to today, I’m proud to say I’ve really manifested the early stages of my fintech career. I joined one of the first fintech-focused VC firms in Singapore & subsequently, co-founded a digital bank.

Today, I lead a team of fintech rockstars building one of the first licensed U.S. digital banks for international startups. We’re venture-backed award-winning and all that jazz.

And recently, Forbes named me to their top 30 under 30 list. To be fair, I’m still trying to understand the incentives that come with the recognition other than a cool LinkedIn header. Essentially, what it means to me, is that I certainly got my hands dirty the last few years. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to get maligned by audiences. Whether that’s in meetings with shareholders, investors, regulators, giving keynotes, presentations, building products, and so on. Bottom line, I like to say I’ve danced with the dragons.

I’m a speaker at Yale/NUS, UC Berkeley, Wharton Business School, NTU, Alibaba, Oracle, Visa, Money2020, Hong Kong Fintech Week, The Asian Banker, & many more.

My entrepreneurial style in one sentence? I want the ball when the score is tied with 5 seconds left to go.