Karma Slomianski

Head of Community at BlockBar

Karma Slomianski believes in deep work, clarity, and consistency over perfection.

He has worked with multiple early-stage projects and communities.

Currently building experiences and community at the intersection of NFTs and high-end spirits at BlockBar.

– Music & Creator Web 3 experiments –
I am exploring many experiments in the web 3 music space, from doing web3 songwriting camps with Songcamp to building wavWRLD, a social garden at the intersection of music and web3. I also co-created 2 NFT projects, a digital card game called “In Search of Satoshi Nakamoto” and a 1 of 1 art project called “A Brief History of Art”, with my sister Tori and my Mom Jacqueline. We call ourselves Generation XYZ, with a mission to educate all three generations about crypto, NFTs and web 3 via thought-provoking art and games.

I am exploring how the ownership economy will impact the music market. My mission is to live in a world where a kid can tell their parents, “I want to be a musician, artist or creator,” and there’s a viable path for that financially, emotionally and socially.