Roxette Miranda

Managing Director at The LAB Miami

Roxette Miranda is passionate about helping people find their focus and connecting like-minded individuals in order to create a strong network of people who can find value in every meeting.

Currently, I’m the Managing Director at The LAB, the epicenter for entrepreneurship. Miami’s members range from freelancers, early-stage startups, and nonprofits to corporations. By supporting creative, tech, and social enterprises we, as a community, will be able to transform Miami into a premier startup hub.

Also, I’m the Director of the Founder Institute Florida cohort, an accelerator that helps pre-seed startups get funding through a structured program. Through the program, I run workshops, panels, and round tables on diverse topics such as funding, pitching, and more in various spaces across Miami. I’m Program Manager at Numa for a project helping growth stage Costarican companies expand into the US. When startups need more tailored aggressive growth strategies on a 1-1 basis 305 Works is a private consulting arm to help them achieve their goals in a more customized approach.

Founder of Pitch Night MIA, a monthly pitch competition showcasing local startups. The monthly event consists of a 5-minute pitch, judges will do a Q&A, give feedback, a winner is selected, and participants win prizes to help with their business. Pitch Night MIA is a way to collaborate and bring innovative ideas to the Miami ecosystem.