Sanjeev Kumar

Principal at The Kumar Law Firm PLLC

We provide client-focused services by combining our technical, business, and international experience with legal profession which results in better client experience and a more efficient and higher value legal support for clients as compared to other possible alternatives available to them.

I spent two decades in the technology industry, both in technical and business roles, before choosing to enter the legal profession. I have led remote teams comprising of uniques set of capabilities and issues in varied geographies and cultures. I co-founded a venture-backed technology company that had a successful IPO on NASDAQ and was subsequently acquired by another public company.

My experiences in business and technology in combination with my knowledge of law make me a valuable advisor to entrepreneurs, professional managers, and business owners.

I can balance the often conflicting business (risk taker) and legal (risk-averse) issues and find optimal solutions for clients. I provide my clients not only sound legal advice but also insights in avoiding the pitfalls and costly mistakes that are often too easy to fall into due to the client’s limited focus towards setting up a business, growing it, or operating it.

I have negotiated deals with large companies like Apple, Sony, Samsung, Microsoft, and Philips as well as small companies. I have dealt with customers, suppliers, and partners in various geographies like Japan, Korea, Europe, India, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. All these experiences enable me to be a savvy and tough advocate that my clients appreciate having on their side.

My firm provides services in the following areas:
– Intellectual Property (IP)
– IP Strategy, Acquisition & Enforcement
– Business and Corporate Law
– Entity Formation and Setup
– Contracts and Negotiations
– Alternate Dispute Resolution

Please contact me if I can be of service to you.