Stephen Alred | CEO & Managing Partner

Stephen Alred

Angel Investor at Knowcap

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First things first, I’m passionate about building business and serving people.

Stephen Alred created the concept of Knowledge Capital in 2018 after running into the exclusive environment of raising institutional capital. After speaking with dozens of founders about their needs for venture capital, he realized there was another way – helping experts invest their time into startups, and improving access to resources for undiscovered founders from overlooked communities.

My background is concentrated in the financial services industry. I’ve been in insurance, financial coaching, financial consulting, wealth management, wealth transfer, and even dabbled in taxes.

For the past three years, I’ve worked to help create opportunities for undiscovered founders in overlooked communities.

My BHAG is to create a new layer of the economy, where people who have ideas are empowered to launch fast-growing companies. No more tap-dancing the VC game. No more risking their life savings or bankruptcy just to take a shot on goal. No more warm introductions dictating who gets funded and who doesn’t.


Stephen will be joining our Day Kamp Atlanta Investor Panel