Tahl Milburn

Angel Investor at New World Angels

Tahl Milburn describes a “gentleman technologist” as a person who imagines and builds technology as a passion not as a living. I am fortunate to be able to do so. Since 2019, I have designed and built over a dozen smart home and commercial IoT products ranging from a gesture-based security lock to ambient reminder displays, and there are many more devices and applications in the pipeline. Technologies of particular interest include residential IoT, quantified self, machine-learning (vision and language), affective computing, and life management tech.

In terms of investments, I invest in both public and private companies. In public companies, I’m diversified but weighted in computer-tech and pharma-tech equities focused on innovation. Companies range from the FAANG companies (I invested early!) to young companies already in clinical trials for the use of psychedelics in mental health applications.

As an advisor, my primary goal is to help where I can! I enjoy working with a variety of founders across a diverse set of sectors/industries. Given my background in consulting and startups, and with thirty years in Silicon Valley, I can help across a broad range of concerns, and given my decades of tech experience, I can be especially helpful in IoT, enterprise technology, and digital health.

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