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Vlad Cazacu

Angel Investor at Cazacu Ventures

Vlad Cazacu mission is to help underrepresented founders get connected with a diverse pool of angel investors, family offices, and HNWIs while educating folks about investing in startups and generating above-market returns for my clients.

I have been a founder twice, worked in strategy and operations consulting at Deloitte, coached entrepreneurs from around the globe as a design thinking fellow at an innovation hub in Rochester, NY, and invested in amazing founders at venture capital firms in New York City and San Francisco. I am also the author of When They Win, You Win: A More Human Approach to Supporting Entrepreneurship, a book that shares insights I collected along the way.

Currently, I assist an international group of angel investors, family offices and HNWIs get access to competitive deals and invest alongside institutional VCs in Pre-Seed to Series B companies. I have experience structuring private equity investments leveraging SPVs including cross-border deals with international LPs.

Additionally, I am the Co-founder & CEO of Flowlie Technologies, a Pre-Seed tech startup building the next-generation data infrastructure platform for venture capital.

I geek about the future, process optimization, and the automation of the workforce, having a deep desire to create a better tomorrow. If you are a founder solving a real problem, let’s chat!

I share my thoughts on Twitter and Medium (@cazvlad). Please add a note when connecting.

More information at: https://www.vladcazacu.com/
Full investment portfolio at: https://www.vladcazacu.com/investing

Vlad Cazacu will be joining our Day Kamp Miami investor panel on December 18th at the Lab Miami.

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