We Offer Unmatched Experiences For Startups & Scaleups

If you haven't heard by now, Kamp throws the dopest startup events around the world. We provide unmatched experiences (whether it's at a co-working space, mansion or luxury destination) for startups and bring in top notch speakers to deliver the impactful content. Our community is growing stronger by the day and we encourage you to be apart of it sooner rather than later. Lastly, we offer all of our public facing events to be 100% private by pre-purchasing the event formats to offer to your members or staff.

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Phil Castro



Phil is a proven startup founder (35u35, Startup of the Year, Most Innovative Entrepreneur, etc) who wants to help the next wave of budding entrepreneurs. He founded Kamp in 2018 with the premise of throwing “dope” startup events that include opportunity, networking, and tons of fun for every attendee.

Hobbies include
  • Old school hip hop
  • Traveling around the globe
  • Wathing modern family
  • Being a food & drink snob
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Destiny Evans

Director of Marketing

Destiny is a life long learner first and a rockstar second. She is a wizard with marketing who will naturally be assisting with Kamp’s content creation, paid ads, social media, blogs and most importantly letting the public know about our dope events around the globe.

Hobbies include
  • Reading interesting novels
  • Manifesting the best things in life
  • Traveling to new cities
  • Going to fun concerts
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Jasmin Smajic-modified

Jasmin Smajic

Director of Sales

Jasmin boasts empathy and cares about the client journey. He has always been a people person and gets energized by human interaction. Jasmin will be in charge of B2B sales (sponsorships & private event bookings) and strategic partnerships for Kamp

Hobbies include
  • Playing with his 5 kids
  • Watching action movies
  • Learning about new cultures
  • Brunching on sundays
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Alexis Stovall

Alexis Stovall

Director of Events

Alexis is known for her upbeat attitude and contagious energy, which she brings to every aspect of her business. She is deeply committed to building long-lasting relationships and creating community.Alexis is also a startup founder of The Perfect Practices, a female focused fitness service. Her company provides personal trainers in your home, offering Pilates, Strength Training, and Yoga sessions, across four major cities.She can be found hitting the gym, creating sick mixes, or indulging on multiple espresso martinis.

Hobbies include
  • Strong after work cocktails
  • Shit posting on twitter
  • Pilates with her hot girl friends
  • Building community
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Ehsaan Shaheen Geanysol

Ehsaan Shaheen

Director of IT

Anything website related Ehsaan is the go-to person. With a deep knowledge on coding and design, Ehsaan is responsible for whipping up new exciting event pages, speaker bios, formatting and IT things.

Hobbies include
  • Playing Cricket
  • Watching Series
  • Cyber Security Nerd
  • Reading Books
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